1. Department Heads & Inspectors

    View a full list of Department Heads and Inspectors for the Lenox Township.

  2. Assessor's Office

    Get information regarding the Assessor's office of the Lenox Township.

  3. Building Department

    Learn more about the Lenox Township Building Department.

  4. Fire Department

    Lenox Township has 2 fire stations to serve our residents. The men and women of the Lenox Township Fire Department are highly trained to give you the highest quality service.

  5. Public Works

    View contact information, annual reports and answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding subjects like storm water or the water cycle.

  6. Township Clerk

    The Clerk’s Office is responsible for various duties within the Township. View a small sampling of these duties.

  7. Township Supervisor

    View the various duties of the Township Supervisor.

  8. Township Treasurer

    View contact information for the Lenox Treasurer as well as information regarding seasonal mileage rates in the Lenox Township.