Storm Water

Storm water is the rainfall/ snowmelt that flows over our yards, streets, parking lots, and buildings and either enters the storm drain system or runs directly into a lake or stream.
Storm drains are the openings you see along curbs, in streets and parking lots. They carry away rainwater and snowmelt and transport it through to nearby lakes and streams. Water and other debris that enter storm drains do not go to a treatment facility. A sanitary sewer takes household water and waste from toilets, sinks and showers, and transports it to a wastewater treatment facility. There, the water is treated and discharged back to a lake or stream.

Did you know we all live on a lake or stream? It’s true, we might not be able to see it from our window, but it's there. It might be a small stream, ditch or even the storm drain in the street, yet all of these lead to a river or lake. Why is this important to you? Remember that what we do at home affects our rivers and lakes!