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  1. Complaint Form
  2. Odor Complaint Form
  1. General Inquiry Form
  2. Reflective Address Marker Order Form

    Richmond Lenox EMS Ambulance Authority Reflective Address Marker Order Form

Township Forms

  1. 2022 Application for Plan Examination and Building Permit
  2. 2022 Plumbing Permit
  3. Electrical Permit 2022
  4. Home Occupation Care Giver Application

    Application for persons operating a marihuana care giver home occupation. Please see Lenox Township Zoning Ordinance Article 03.329... More…

  5. Lenox Township Park Rental
  6. State of Michigan Election Inspector Application

    Election Inspector Application

  1. 2022 Mechanical Permit
  2. Beer & Wine Application for use in the Lenox Township Park
  3. FOIA Request for Public Records
  4. Job Application
  5. Request for Burn Permit