Richmond / Lenox EMS Facts


  • Number of EMS Employees - 36
  • Average number of Years of Service of Employees - 7 years

Training Levels

  • Basic EMT (Basic Life Support Ambulance) - Minimum of 280 hours
  • Paramedic (Advanced Life Support Ambulance) - Minimum of 950 hours

Cost for Operation of Each Advanced Life Support Ambulance

  • Richmond Lenox EMS Annual Cost - $480,000 per Ambulance

Average Response Times

  • Richmond Lenox EMS average response time - 6.75 minutes

Number of Vehicles

  • The EMS operates 7 Advanced Life Support Ambulances.
  • The EMS operates 4 Basic Life Support and First Response Vehicle.
  • The EMS operates a Special Operations Trailer and a Search and Rescue ATV.